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Macwrench (reachable via as well) collects helpful tips and tricks for using macOS. It has a long history back well into the nineties and started out as wiki about tinkering and fixing broken parts of any Apple hardware. Over the years/decades it morphed into some sort of database for using macOS and Apple Software. I took over about 15 years ago during my time at university when the original maintainer - one of my fellow students - intended to abandon the project because most of the articles were already hopelessly outdated. I continue using and maintaining the wiki by occasionally adding helpful tips and updating existing ones.

It used to be german only, but in the last couple of years I began to mostly use English for such things. I try to translate the other articles one at a time whenever I have some spare time, but for the time being this will result in a funny mixture of these two languages. Hagbard (talk)

Important articles:
Apple logo black.svg   macOS System Requirements
Apple logo black.svg   macOS Installationsmedium erstellen
Cmd   Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
IEC5009 Standby Symbol.svg Power   Startup Key Combinations

Font Awesome 5 solid terminal.svg   Terminal Quickies
Apple logo black.svg   Hidden Features
Apple logo black.svg   Development Quickies
Asian Elephant Icon.svg   MAMP/MAMP PRO Quickies
External resources:
Stop hand grey.svg   Block lists
GreenCopyleft (2).svg   Open Source Software
Apple Services - System Status:
Noun Earthquake 4232.svg   Apple services and stores
Noun Earthquake 4232.svg   Developer system status
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